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Communicate with over 100 million Global businesses.

This is your opportunity to communicate with over 100 million Global businesses that can be defined by 100 business selections, with over 500 million named decision makers.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Your profile information is securely stored on our servers at AWS and will be deleted when you decide to leave our community. If you have questions or concerns with regards to your data, please contact us. we are here to help.

After you successfully completed a survey it will take a couple of days for us to validate your answers. After everything is in order, our support team will contact you and you will be compensated for your participation. 

The way we pay rewards depends on the study and the country you are in. After approval you will receive a confirmation from us and an email from one of our reward partners. Rewards can be money wired into your account of a giftcard of your choice.

At the start of each survey we ask you to review and update a couple of questions from your profile.