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Welcome to Integra Professionals, the UK’s largest online B2B community that comprises of business decision makers who are committed to sharing their experience and opinions across a wide range of matters and issues facing businesses across the UK.

  • Coverage across all industry sectors
  • Multitude of targeting/feasibility selections
  • Variety of job titles and functions
  • Allows for better market segmentation
  • High quality of responses
  • Helps with market entry strategies
  • Gives market Opportunity insights
  • Timely – ability to launch surveys quickly and efficiently
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Examples of search criteria for marketing research

  • Company size
  • Company turnover
  • Industry (by SIC codes)
  • Geographic location (by postcode)
  • Job title/function
  • Decision-making authority (by department)

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Excellent Relationships

We have built a solid B2B online community with excellent relationships with our members. As a result we are able to provide quality responses, even for those very specific niche audiences. Our community members are active and responsive and are rewarded for their participation/contributions.

If you are tired of turning projects down because you don’t know where to access the skilled industry professionals and decision makers you need for your business-to-business marketing research projects, try Integra Professionals, we enable market researchers to access business decision makers across most industry verticals with the ability to further define your exact audience.

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Integra Research Solutions uses Q One Platform from Q One Tech as its primary technology partner.